Guido Günther

Hi, my name is Guido Günther and I am painting miniatures since i was 14. As I am in my mid 40s now, that is a looong time. I started  painting miniatures solely for wargaming and just for myself. Around 1990 I discovered a small company, which held an annual painting competition. It was Games Workshop. From that point on I wanted to participate in Golden Demon. But it was in the UK and so i participated in many local painting competitions and won a lot of prizes. During university I startet to do comissions in order to earn some much needed money. As Games Workshop startet to do Games Days around the world an especially in Germany my dream came true. I finally participated in a Golden Demon painting competition. Over the years I collected a lot of Demons, was invited to special competitions and met a lot of nice people. I did commisions for several companies, inclunding Freebooter Miniatures, Ulisses Games, Excalibur Miniatures and even Games Workshop. I still try to participate in as many competitions as possible and still have a lot of fun with this.

My second hobby is Rugby. I started playing Rugby over 20 years ago in a team of the British Army: The Bradbury Barbarians, stationed in Krefeld, Germany. As the Brits moved on, I went to a Club in Duisburg. As this club was closed due to lack of players, I became a member of the Duesseldorf Dragons. I was, am and will be a forward as long I am able to play. If you want to know more about Rugby and my club visit our website:


Thank you.